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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black Bean soup


Black beans-2 cans drained,washed
stewed tomatoes-1 can
vegetable stock- 1 carton
onion-1medium sized
red,yellow,green peppers-1/2 each
Jalapeno pepper-1 (optional)


Cumin powder-1 teaspoon
Mexican style hot sauce-1 tablespoon
Olive oil-1spoon
Red chili flakes(optional)


1.In a pot add the olive oil and keep it in a medium heat
2.Add the diced onions to the oil and saute it until soft(don't let it brown)
3.Add the colored peppers and saute a little more
4.Add the vegetable stock and let it simmer
5.Add 1can of  black beans and the can of stewed tomatoes to the boiling soup
6.Add the other can of beans to a blender and grind it with all the spices
7.Add the ground paste,salt to the soup and let it simmer in a medium heat until the soup thickens.
8.If you want a thicker consistency add a spoon full of corn flour mixed in water to the soup and boil it.

Serve the soup hot with tortilla chips,shredded Mexican cheese and sour cream

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  1. cool,will try this soon. I don't see minestrone soup here..can you please add. Thank you!